The Commands of Christ

A Sermon Series Based on our bible Study Work

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The Wonder of Jesus (PREVIOUS SERIES)

a study on our favourite passages about jesus


I firmly believe that “Sermons of the People” has been great success and I hope you have too. It has been a great blessing for me to see how you visualize God, Faith and Church. I hope you too have learned something of each other as much as you have learned something new about your faith. As we move forward now, it is time to start aiming for what is coming next, both for our Church and for Sunday morning teaching. And so, having prayed over this, I decided that I would like to come back to you - the members and attendees of Whyte’s Causeway Baptist Church. We had a plethora of verses that took us all round the Bible for our previous series, but now I asked you to focus your minds and hearts to Jesus: what inspires you about Him? What do you love about Jesus? What is the most amazing thing about Him? What does He mean to you? We are after all Christians and our first call is to proclaim Christ.

And so as we look at “The Wonder of Jesus” I pray that you will be blessed and will grow in the study of Gospel Scripture again.
— Rev. Ron Rye

Once again, you gave me your favourites, focusing on the teaching, actions and works of Jesus from the Gospels - your top one or two of these with a short explanation. Anyone who feels a connection to or at home at WCBC was invited to take part, the more voices the better.

And once again - I pray we open ourselves to the voice and movement of the Spirit.


Sermons of the People (PREVIOUS SERIES)

Beginning together as equals in Christ - A Series


The beginning of any new relationship is an exciting time filled with new possibilities and potential. The same can be said for a minister starting at a Church, but there are also dangers we have to be aware of - the last thing we want is anything working to create disharmony from our first days together. I firmly believe that working together in Christ, is the way of the Church - being rooted in Him and in His revelation and empowered by the Spirit. I also believe that we all carry a portion of that revelation which can be used to grow and encourage one another. So as we start together, what better way of getting to know each other than through that act of sharing.

Lets endeavour to start this ministry by valuing one another equally in His name. Baptist Principles would call this the “Priesthood of all Believers” - we all have something of Christ which we can give to the body for mutual benefit and growth.
— Rev. Ron Rye

And so I asked you - the Congregation - to share with me, anonymously, your favourite Bible verses and a little statement about why they are important to you. I then - in prayer - created a sermon series with these verses which we are sharing together to start this new ministry at Whyte's Causeway Baptist Church. I received 22 submissions which represents over half of the congregation as I knew of it - an astonishing and wonderful blessing. And now we share, we listen and we wait expectantly for what God has to say to us.