Rev. Ron Rye BD (hons) BA

Ron was born and brought up in a Christian home and has never really known a part of his life where he was not aware of God. With his mother’s Jewish heritage, Ron’s faith has always had a historical flavour.  It gave him an interest in the history of ancient Israel and how that impacts upon what Christians today believe about Jesus and His Church. Ron made his own commitment at age 6 after reading the Gospel of Luke, and was baptised at 19. Whilst at school, he was active in Abbeyhill Baptist Church, Edinburgh, and the Gorgie Corps of the Salvation Army.

Entering University saw him seek more opportunities to lead worship and become involved in Church leadership. Ron met his wife-to-be, Stephanie, whilst studying at Edinburgh University, and they were married on the completion of their degrees. Stephanie, a secondary school teacher, supported Ron as he searched his sense of calling into the ministry, which had been with him in some form since the age of 16. As a result, in 2008, with Stephanie’s blessing Ron left his job as a lettings administrator to seek to train for the ministry. He applied for and was accepted by the Scottish Baptist College.

During his period of study he worked at two churches: initially as Youth Co-ordinator at Dedridge Baptist Church in Livingston, and then as Student/Associate Pastor at Viewfield Baptist Church in Dunfermline. During this time he also took the opportunity to preach at several other churches. He completed his degree in 2011 and gained Pre-Accreditation from the Board of Ministry at the Baptist Union of Scotland. Not long afterwards, Ron was unanimously called to Ardbeg Baptist Church, and he was inducted and ordained on 5th November 2011. He sought to institute a discernment of Christ’s will which brought about many changes, seeing the Church engage more fruitfully with their community and varying age groups. Ron's time on the island ended in October 2014; Stephanie and he being separated due to her work commitments becoming an insurmountable barrier to the ministry.

Recently, Ron had the opportunity to enter into Sports Chaplaincy with Cowdenbeath Football Club, and exciting venture, that saw the players and staff engage with the love of Christ for the first time. His time there came to a conclusion during May 2015.

Ron states: "I still have a lot to learn, but which of us doesn’t - I would be more worried if I didn’t think I could keep growing. I believe that Christ has called me to further my own theological education through post graduate study. Above and beyond this, I feel called to walk with God and a community. Throughout my life, I have developed a real passion for people. I want people to know their God more, to experience the Spirit clearly and to see Jesus in their presence as tangible and real and I pray that this is a journey of discovery and excitement that I can take, together with Whyte's Causeway Baptist Church. God provides and we have the immense and incredible opportunity of being able to walk, talk, pray, see, feel and know our Saviour day by day. This, to me, is truly the embodiment of ‘awesome’ – that which inspires awe."

Ron accepted the call of Whyte's Causeway Baptist Church to serve as P/T Minister in March 2015 and was inducted in April. He believes that God has called him to this Church and to this town - and believes that the congregation will enter into a period of both Spiritual and Numerical growth.


Alastair Carmichael (Secretary)

Liz Reid (Minute secretary and CPO)

Rev. Archie Young (ret.)

Catherine Mitchell